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Tips on Selling a SAP Solution Manager Project to Senior Management

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Define it as an ERP system When you introduce the updated SAP Solution Manager system present it in the light of its functionality, and not simply as a technical goal based tool. The best way to do this is by giving live examples of how different companies are using the SolMan tool to manage different aspects of their businesses. Thus, the SolMan can be used to manage multiple systems within a SAP environment. The best way to define the SolMan’s purpose is to call an end to end SAP IT service managementsystem. Strategies can be created using the SolMan The integration of this system into all the various SAP components that exist within a company’s tech environment can be difficult. The goal however is exactly opposite. The SAP Solution Manager is meant to ease the usage of individual SAP components by providing a singular management platform which can operate on a strategy. The problem arises when an enterprise decides to implement the SolMan without any prior strategy to it. Explain the BPM functionalities The Business Process Monitoring aspect of SolMan is what usually attracts IT companies to it, and hence this is something that you will need to define very accurately. The various repository functions can help with the business aspects of any IT brand, and the process modeling and monitoring systems can aid the organization as well. Other aspects that can be explained are how the SolMan is a tool to aid operational functions like incident management, diagnostic systems, change management, business optimization, etc. Explain the budget and timeline Most managers have the idea that SolMan needs to be just employed without any notice and it will start serving the SAP environment. However, that is not at all how SAP IT service managementsystems work. A team will need to be set up that will guide the integration process of SolMan into the SAP environment. This team will comprise of a project manager, technical experts, business analysts, among others; and their primary task will be to create a roadmap for the integration process. So, putting aside a separate budget for this process also becomes absolutely important in order to have a smooth running Solution Manager within two years. End by stating how SolMan is the key to a SAP environment And this is absolutely true. While SAP tools are beneficial to various aspects of any IT organization the truth is that with the help of SolMan each one of these components will function more smoothly and in a more streamlined manner. SolMan can effectively put an end to all third party tools that are used to run a SAP environment and save a huge deal on the budget as well. The SAP Solution Manager at the end of the day is a management tool, and if placed in a SAP environment it will be the only management tool you will ever need. The SAP Solution Manager is actively employed by thousands of enterprises across the world to manage their SAP components. But the true benefit of this app lies in integrating it with all possible SAP tools and thus brings about a single point of management reference. This not only provides ease to managerial tasks but also makes sure that employee onboarding becomes a much faster process. So, with the right roadmap, strategy, and timeline – the SAP Solution Manager can be easily integrated and be used as both an ERP and a BPM system. Make sure you provide as many live examples of the use of SAP Solution Manager as possible and this will ease the selling process as well.

Tips on Selling a SAP Solution Manager Project to Senior Management

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