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Explore the Beautiful Secluded Beaches of Bermuda

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Bermuda is renowned for a lot of things, but nothing is more tempting than its array of stunning pink sand beaches. Even though tourism is one of the island's main economic drivers, throughout the many years I've been organising luxury Bermuda beach breaks for my clients, it's never lost its innate charm and the feeling that it's somehow separate from the rest of the world.For anyone planning a Bermuda beach break, I recommend taking the time to seek out these wonderful secluded beaches I've discovered – just don’t tell anyone…Hog Bay BeachYou'll have to time your visit right because this beach only appears at low tide, then disappears without a trace. But if you make the effort to visit this tiny little bay, it's entirely possible you'll have it all to yourself. Situated in Sandy's Parish, you'll need to hike for about 10 minutes along a rocky wooded trail (steep in places), before emerging onto this exquisite beach. Voila - it's all yours. Although you may have to share with a few turtles…Stonehole Bay BeachOne of the South Shore's smallest and loveliest beaches, Stonehole Bay is tucked away between dramatic rocky cliffs. It's part of a chain of gorgeous beaches, but if you're looking for some alone time, make your way to the popular Chaplin Bay Beach, sneak a surreptitious look over your shoulder and tiptoe beyond the eastern end to discover the secluded delights of Stonehole Bay. The infamous pink sand hues of Bermuda are particularly prevalent here, especially very close to the water.Astwood CoveAnother of the South Shore's best-kept secrets is Astwood Cove, in Warwick parish. Again, you'll need to commit to a bit of a hike, but you'll be well rewarded. Cloistered by rocky cliffs, it's one of the more rugged beaches in the area, so you'll need to take care in the water – there are lots of submerged rocks and the ocean can get quite rough. But if you find joy in the seclusion and solitude of a lonely beach – you've found it.Turtle BeachRun away from the cares of the world and join the turtles of Turtle Beach! Situated in the east of the island on St David's Island, you'll more often than not have the entire beach to yourself – except for a few of its namesake residents and maybe some local children. This glorious sandy cove is hemmed in by smooth boulder outcrops, closing it off from the rest of the world…Drew's Bay BeachThe epitome of a romantic secluded beach, Drew's Bay is not usually listed in guidebooks, but if you've booked a Bermuda beach break in the vicinity of St George's, it provides perfect swimming conditions and all the privacy in the world. You'll need to walk for about 20 minutes from the centre of St George's along Old Military Road, then follow your nose to the ocean. There's a tiny stairway leading off Grenadine Lane that takes you all the way down to the beach – then all there is to do is lie back and immerse in the perfection.A Genuine Secret GemIf you want the ultimate secret beach experience, I have one that's so secret it doesn’t even have a name! Situated between St David's and the main island, there are several dots of tiny islands in the water channel known as Castle Roads. Deserted except for a few crumbling stone forts from the 17th century, one particular island is blessed with swathes of pink sand and seemingly endless shallows. This exquisite location can only be reached by private boat, but the locals are in on the secret so ask around to find someone to take you (try Blue Hole Water Sports).You actually can't go wrong with any of the plethora of stunning beaches you'll discover on a Bermuda beach break, but if you're looking for something a little out-of-the-way, take advantage of my 30 years of experience and seek out my insider recommendations.

Explore the Beautiful Secluded Beaches of Bermuda

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