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How to Protect Your Home from Termites: 9 Effective Steps to Follow

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I know that you have seen how termites can be worse in commercials and even in actual experience. If you had finally set yourself free from their infestation or planning ahead not to be in such a place, a termite inspection will be the first move to protect your home.                                                                                                  This is crucial, especially if you just got a new house that you envision to last for decades. Making your house termite-proof can be a bit of a hassle, but knowing that you made the following steps can give you peace of mind: DON’T LET THE WOOD TOUCH THE SOIL One of the most obvious causes of termite infestation, though always overlooked, is having wooden parts of the house in direct contact with the soil outside. You might not know it but termites already have a quiet network underground, with your wooden foundation planted straight to the ground, you just gave them an instant first treat. I would suggest that you get it restructured and remove other wooden possessions from contact with the soil. This way, you will not lure the termites to go inside your home. PLACE YOUR AIR CONDITIONER AWAY FROM YOUR WOODEN BEAMS The moist that this machine can bring actually brews a wooden beam to be a perfect breeding and eating ground for termites. I’m not saying that you need to get rid of your air-con totally, just put it somewhere away from the prone spots to avoid attracting termites. CHECK YOUR ROOFING Part of the termite inspection is checking if your roof has too much moisture or if there is a crack in case you have a tiled roof. The tandem of a broken tile roofing and moisture is well-received by termites that they actually use this as their gateway to your home. What you need to do is to get it a repair and dehumidify it. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR ATTIC This part of the house is usually the one that is totally left out for a long time. With piles of boxes filled with dusty stuff, moisture can be an easy thing. Also, attics have wooden beams and are closer to the roof. I think if you have broken tile roofing – even without moisture outside – your attic will be a nesting place of swarms of mites. DO NOT MISS YOUR LIVING ROOM Our living room is where we usually spend a big part of the day and have happy times with the family. But actually, termites might also be sharing our moments without our notice. If you have a wooden floor, it is better than you have a ‘termite barrier’ installed beneath after a termite inspection so the wood is not lying flat near the soil. You can do this to prevent termites from launching a domino effect of damage from your floor to your furniture and up. TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR GARAGE Yes, termites cannot eat your car, but what is stored in your garage might be the thing they are up to. Sometimes, we tend to make our garage our second stock room. It might be the last place where termites will flock, but taking a close look may not cost you anything. Just clean the clutter and remove those cellulose-containing things like boxes, stacks of paper, etc. SCOUR THE KITCHEN Of all the places in the house, the kitchen is the one which seems to attract pests and insects. This does not exempt termites, so you should check if there are leaky pipes that can feed the moisture. Also, your cupboard is the spot that is at great risk of being devoured by termites. Checking and cleaning it regularly can save you all the trouble. GIVE ATTENTION TO YOUR GARDEN If you will ask me about what part of the house is termites’ paradise, then it is your own beautiful garden. It’s not that they love your roses, trimmings, and all, but it is because the garden has everything they need to propagate. A damp soil, wooden fence, tree stumps, pieces of wood, and the porch leading to your door. What you need to do is to remove those stumps and do not let wooden possession of yours to have contact with the ground. DO NOT STORE FIREWOOD AGAINST YOUR WOODEN HOUSE FOUNDATION Stacking your firewood beside the foundation is like helping these termites have safe entry to your home instead of shoving them away. Wood is their comfort food and putting that firewood in the wrong place will attract them as always. Also, it is better to get rid of the vines that crawl in your house because it can be a path for the termites. I love our house as much as you love yours so I think that you deserve to have it the longest that you can be. But for it to happen, you have to practice preservation measures that include a regular termite inspection. Putting it in your yearly routine will do a lot of favour in your house and in your pocket. You can also hire a company that provides Affordable Pest Control Services Melbourne to get rid of termites.

How to Protect Your Home from Termites: 9 Effective Steps to Follow

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