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Difference between High Frequency Welded Pipe and Straight Seam Welded Pipe

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Many of my friends may have heard of high frequency welded pipe (ERW steel pipe) and longitudinal welded pipe (LSAW steel pipe), but you may not understand the difference between them. Today I will give you a brief introduction:1) Different in natureHigh-frequency welded pipe: After the hot-rolled coil is formed by the forming machine, the skin effect and proximity effect of the high-frequency current are used to heat and melt the edge of the tube blank, and pressure welding is performed under the action of the squeeze roller to achieve production. product.Longitudinal seam welded pipes: including double-sided submerged arc welded longitudinally welded steel pipes and high frequency resistance welding. The English abbreviation for high frequency resistance welding is erw. Submerged arc welded straight seam steel pipes are divided into UOE, RBE, JCOE steel pipe and so on.3) Different materialsHigh-frequency welded pipe: High-frequency resistance welded steel pipe has a different welding process from ordinary welded pipe. The weld is formed by melting the base material of the steel strip body, and its mechanical strength is better than that of general welded pipe.Straight seam welded pipe: The material of longitudinal welded pipe mainly includes pipeline steel series such as Q195, Q215, Q345 and x42. Straight seam welded pipes are divided into two types: ordinary steel pipes and thickened steel pipes according to the specified wall thickness. The steel pipes are divided into two types with thread and without thread according to the form of the pipe end.4) Different featuresHigh-frequency welded pipe: smooth appearance, high precision, low cost and small weld reinforcement, which is beneficial to the coating of 3PE anti-corrosion coating. The welding methods of high frequency welded pipe and submerged arc welded pipe are significantly different. Since welding is completed instantly at high speed, it is much more difficult to ensure welding quality than submerged arc welding.Straight seam welded pipe: The length of longitudinally welded pipe is mainly divided into fixed length and indefinite length. This is mainly based on customer requirements. The length is generally 6-14 meters. Large-diameter longitudinally welded steel pipes may require two steel plates to be rolled. A double weld is formed.

Difference between High Frequency Welded Pipe and Straight Seam Welded Pipe

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