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The Legend of Sicily's Name

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As a deeply historical destination, all holidays to Sicily should take advantage of the myriad opportunities to learn more about the myths and legends of the island. History can be brought to life through the sights, sounds and stories that make up this intricate cultural tapestry.I'd like to share a few of the wonderful legends I've discovered over the years that make the memories of my clients’ holidays to Sicily more tangible.What's in a Name?Far back in the shadows of history, the island was named Trinacria. Under the Byzantines, a legend came to pass that involves a Lebanese princess, a deserted island and, naturally, a handsome young man.As a child, an oracle foretold Princess Sicily's death at the hands of a fearsome cat-monster. The oracle declared that, in order to escape death, she must leave Lebanon, alone, in a boat. Desperate to save their daughter's life, at 15 her parents set her adrift and bade her farewell forever.After three months at the mercy of the waves, the boat was carried by a good wind to the shores of an island, abundant with fruits and flowers. Despite the safety of dry land, the young princess was lonely and fell into despair. A young man appeared - the only survivor of a terrible plague that had wiped out his people - and declared that fate had chosen them to repopulate the island. As luck and legend would have it, they fell deeply in love and that's just what happened. The man (now king) renamed the island after his lovely wife.Other Myths and LegendsNaming rights aren't the only place myths and legends have left their mark. Here are two of my other favourites.The myth of Colapesce: 'Colapesce' was a young diver who was renowned for his ability in the water. He went to the bottom of the sea countless times and came back with treasures and tales of its beauty. The king put him to the test by tossing a golden cup into the water, which Colapesce retrieved. He then threw his crown into the sea, which Colapesce also returned. Finally, the king threw his ring into the deepest part of the ocean and, this time, Colapesce never returned. It's said that in those depths he discovered that Sicily was balanced on three columns and one had crumbled. In order to save the island he remained beneath the ocean to hold it up.The legend of Gamazzitta: To what lengths would a fair maiden go to protect her virtue? For the beautiful Gamazzitta, death at the bottom of a well in Catania was preferable to the unwelcome advances of a French soldier. The soldier pursued Gamazzitta and, while she steadfastly refused him, one day he followed her as she went on her daily ritual to the town well and tried to force himself upon her. With nobody to hear her cries for help, Gamazzitta threw herself into the well rather than succumb. It's said that the waters of the well sometimes still turn red in remembrance of her purity and spirit. Call me a romantic, but I choose that over the other explanation, which is the high concentration of minerals in the water.One of the most extraordinary attractions of holidays to Sicily is that it's such a short step between the land and its legends. Everywhere you turn you'll find evidence of these and many other fascinating stories, and it's not hard to believe a little bit of magic really did go into the history of this wonderful island…

The Legend of Sicily's Name

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