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A Day with Children in Wonderful Barcelona

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The bustling, exciting city of Barcelona, in the Catalonia region of Spain, is one of the best city breaks you can take when bringing your young children along. With plenty of parks, museums, galleries, and even beaches nearby, it will be hard to find a dull moment during your daytrip into the city. Moreover, most of these activities are free, so there is no need to worry about Barcelona breaking the bank.The only real downside of the multiple things on offer in Barcelona is the potential to get caught up in wanting to do everything or being undecided as to where to go. Over the years, I have chatted to many people and explored the city myself, both of which have helped me to come up with this list of kid-friendly activities in the Catalonian capital.Museu de la XocolataNo child-led visit to Barcelona is ever complete without popping into the city’s Chocolate Museum. Run by the provincial guild of cake makers – because Spaniards take their chocolate very seriously – this lovely museum exhibits a thorough history of this delightful foodstuff. From its origins in Latin America to its arrival in Europe and its relevance and significance today, adults will find themselves immersed in their newfound knowledge of one of the world’s favourite treats, while children can explore chocolate sculptures ranging from Finding Nemo to Gaudí's Casa Batlló. Most important of all is the chance to taste the artisanal chocolate at the end of your visit – be prepared for some endearing chocolate-covered smiles!CosmoCaixaWith free entry for all children under the age of 16 and only €4 for adults, Barcelona’s science museum attracts small and big kids alike. The most impressive of its installations is the Flooded Forest, a stunning, life-sized reproduction of an Amazonian forest, through which you can walk and children can explore, almost forgetting the cosmopolitan city above you.Activities for children are some of the best of any museum I’ve been to: the Planetarium offers an excellent journey through time and space. Clik and Clash are two interactive exhibitions where children learn about science through smell, touch, sight, and technology; and Touch, touch!, teaches them to distinguish between plants and animals that are safe to touch or not.Torre de les AigüesIf you happen to be visiting during one of the hottest times of the year and are worried about how your little ones will cope with the heat, this water park in the Eixample district is simply fantastic. A swimming pool and small water park, it is a friendly oasis where children – even those who still don’t know how to swim – will have loads of fun paddling and splashing.And to Top the Day Off: Ice Cream GaloreBarcelona is full of refreshing ice cream parlours where your children will become starry-eyed before you can even ask them which flavour they would like. Belgious prides itself in making its ice creams from only the finest ingredients, such as mangos from Goa and pistachios from Iran, meaning that ice-cream connoisseurs will feel right at home.If your family prefers fruit-flavoured cold treats, Mannà Gelats has exotic flavours such as guava, soursop, and cherimoya. Finally, if you are feeling adventurous, Kakigori sells Japan’s version of ice cream – shaved ice covered in flavoured syrups, such as ginger and lemon or chocolate and strawberry. Moreover, it’s great if you have children who are lactose intolerant, as it is made from mineral water rather than cream.How to Get from Lloret de Mar to BarcelonaThe reason why Barcelona is such a popular daytrip destination for those staying in Lloret de Mar – apart from the city’s attractiveness – is that it is a very straightforward journey. It takes just over an hour to travel it by car along the coastal highway, which means you don’t need to worry about packing plenty of activities into a small handful of hours before needing to head back.

A Day with Children in Wonderful Barcelona

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