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Jaisalmer: An Exquisite City for Regal Forts, Camel Safari, and Antique Monuments in Rajasthan India

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Jaisalmer, the city of forts, deserts, and camel safari has been one of the prominent tourist attractions in India. Jaisalmer, popularly known as the ‘Golden City,' has huge tourists, those visits here to enjoy the exquisiteness of the Jaisalmer Fort. Though it’s a fact that the entire Rajasthan holds a great reputation for its historic forts, the Jaisalmer Fort is considered special being known as a living Fort in the nation.Especially, the fort looks a sparkling beauty through the golden sun sets tinge. The artistic interior of the fort is even uplifting. The distinguishing part about Jaisalmer is that it’s the only fort in India, where people are living and even working within its walls. Moreover, the enchanting views from within the fort can make anyone go photogenic.If you are planing for sight seen with fort in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan then must take a camera with you to shoot each moment there because i am sure you will get surprised scene and forts with every step. Jaisalmer is not only a good place for tourist whle its a hub of fort in Rajasthan, India.However, apart from the forts, the experience of staying in ‘haveli (antique large home)’ is something that one can have only at Jaisalmer. Staying in haveli will give you experience like a king.Camel trip:One of the top attraction in Jaisalmer Rajasthan is camel safari in big desert (known as THAR DESERT).One of the prominent reasons behind Jaisalmer being explicit about camel safari is due to its proximity to the ‘Thar Desert’. In fact, to drag the most of camel safari, some even prefer reaching here through camel trips that start from Bikaner. It takes about 14 days to reach here at Jaisalmer from Bikaner through camel rides.An Auspicious Destination for Jains:India is full with many religion and one of the famous is Jain religion. In Jaisalmer Jain Temple (In India Generally People say this temple as Jain Mandir) is about word wide famous due to its very fine art on wall, gate etc.. One of the very attractive spot in Jaisalmer for jain community and also for people worldwide.Jaisalmer tour has always been something special among the people from Jain community. There are some unambiguously beautiful Jain temples located within the Jaisalmer fort. Being specific, the Paraswanath Temple here is extremely striking and hence has been dragging tourists from around the nation. Apart from this, the likes of Chandraprabhu Temple, Kunthunath temple, Shantinath temple, etc., showcase the ultimate excellence of ancient architecture.A Knowledge Hub:Jaisalmer has been one of the biggest knowledge centers of the nation. This is one of the finest destinations to explore some of the antique libraries of the nation. These libraries make you evident with the most exclusive manuscripts of Jainism. The city has been one of the favorite destinations for the history enthusiasts as well, being enriched with some of the prominent museums of the nation. On a specific note, the likes of Jaisalmer Folklore Museum, Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum, Akal Fossil Park Museums, etc., have been noteworthy.Bada Bagh: Tranquility at Its BestA Jaisalmer trip is incomplete if you are not visiting Bada Bagh. This exclusive monument garden situates at about six kilometer exterior to the city. The garden at the bottom of a hill demands very little entry fees. Bada Bagh can be claimed to be the best destination to enjoy the peacocks at their candid best.Especially, the tranquility of the garden make you feel like the peacocks are the only ones here to make some noise. However, it is here to note that there is no facility of toilets, not even any shops for snacks or water. Hence, one must come prepared.

Jaisalmer: An Exquisite City for Regal Forts, Camel Safari, and Antique Monuments in Rajasthan India

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