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Why is Document Attestation or Apsotille Mandatory for Travelling Abroad?

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Here we can help you to get the information regarding the Attestation process. Attestation or Documents Apostille  Mandatory Requirements If you are travelling to the studying purpose, then your universities / institution where you are taking admission may asked to submit the educational certificate like school certificate or universities certificate and in case of employment purpose along with the education certificate you must have also submit their previous employer records that could proves you were the right employee of the past employer and your performance. Suppose you are just migrate with your family to other countries then you need to submit their certificate which could proves your relation with the dependent with whom you are travelling like Marriage certificate in case of spouse travelling , Birth certificate in case of Son/daughter travelling. Similarly for opening the Business in the other countries must have to produce the some document like Minutes Meeting of Board, Memorandum of Article, Article of Association, certificate of origin and etc. These entire certificate must be Attested by the Government institution or officers to just prove that these document are genuine, authentic and correct. Proven Authenticity of Documents and Certificates. To prove the genuineness and Authenticity document must have to pass through the document scanning process which includes the certain legalization process for the certain document. If document is educational then document must have to legalized from the Ministry of HRD of same state where document belong then Ministry of the External Affairs and Embassy /Diplomatic High commission. In case of personal document, it will be first legalized by the Home Department of the same state where document belongs then same process followed like Ministry of the external process and embassy /Diplomatic High commission. For the opening of Business commercial document follow the process chamber of commerce of Legalization and Embassy Legalization. Here we are disusing the very important aspects for the simplification process of Attestation. The countries which have joined Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents. As per this treaty there is no need to get legalised from the Embassy or diplomatic High commission, only one Sticker named APOSTILLE is Enough to prove the genuineness, Authenticity and correctness of the document. Apostille is done by the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the countries where document belongs. In India,  Apostille is done by the Ministry of the External Affairs. If you wish to undergo the documents attestation route, you must first check the necessary document requirements and then collect the documents. You will then either have to scan them, through the Document Scanning Service, which most institutes have and get them attested as per the Document Attestation procedure. Once this process has been done, you can send your documents to these institutes and have them attested.

Why is Document Attestation or Apsotille Mandatory for Travelling Abroad?

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