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5 Fantastic Benefits For Employers Who Engage With A Recruitment Agency

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To recruit a new member of staff there are many tasks to be completed. Firstly, you will need to write a great value proposition that will attract high-quality candidates before crafting a job advertisement and description that stands out from the crowd. You’ll then need to promote this advert regularly on relevant job sites and through social media channels. It can then take hours and on occasion days sifting through applicants in order to shortlist those with the most relevant qualifications and experience.Once you have a group of candidates you would like to meet in person or telephone interview, you’ll need to manage the whole interview process, from setting up appointments to devising a list of questions to ask, providing feedback, agreeing on terms and negotiating a salary that works for both your successful candidate and your finance team!Most businesses that are busy and need new staff, do not have the capacity to take on this extra work.  And if they do it themselves, they may not spend the necessary time on it that will mean they get the best person for the job.A specialist recruitment agency will help manage what can be a complex and challenging process.  They will present your business or brand in a professional light which is key to success. Our Top 5 Reasons An Employer Should Work With A Recruitment AgencyAttract the greatest number of qualified candidatesBy using a specialist recruitment company for the role you required filled, will give you easy access to the highest number and best quality applicants within that industry. A specialist recruitment agency will have a database of active candidates who they can directly contact.  Highly skilled and qualified people that they have on their database but are not actively seeking a new role may be open to an opportunity if it’s a good fit for their skills.A recruitment agency will also advertise your role on the most relevant job boards and help you promote your vacancy via social media.Tangible timesavingUsing a specialist recruitment agency will cut down the amount of time and in-house resources needed to fill a vacancy, making it a cost-effective way to secure your ideal candidate.Often, companies do not have a dedicated HR team and recruitment falls to a head of department who may not necessarily have the skills and experience required to handle the task quickly and efficiently. Using a specialist marketing recruitment agency to fill a marketing role can save you hours and even days sifting through applications, so you only spend time viewing those worth consideration.A good recruitment agency can also schedule interviews with candidates, ensure they are prepared and manage any administrative tasks, such as notifying unsuccessful applicants and providing feedback or verifying candidate information like qualifications and references.Money-saving supportTime is money! A specialist recruiter should have access to the job boards that target your key audience, rather than across the board, saving you money on costly advertising in the wrong places. Working with a skilled recruiter also removes the impact on in-house staff who can focus on productivity in their own roles.The flexibility of using a recruitment agency means that you can team up as and when required, without making a long-term, ongoing financial commitment too. In the longer term, partnering with the same recruiter will save you money by speeding up the recruitment process as they will already be familiar with your organisation, culture, values and recruitment process.Specialist adviceAn industry-specific recruitment agency can give you pinpointed advice on things like salary benchmarking along with identifying and seeking out the skills, experience, qualifications and personal qualities needed to fill a specific position.Specialist recruitment agencies are also seasoned in writing compelling job descriptions, filtering out all but the ideal applicants, devising tailored screening questions and managing the offer to on-boarding process once a candidate is selected.Industry insightUnderstanding specific industries is key in identifying the right candidates. It pays to go with a specialist agency that understands the specific functions of that role, the technology and terminology that separate a good candidate from the best candidate.       

5 Fantastic Benefits For Employers Who Engage With A Recruitment Agency

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