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Preparing Your Pet for Relocating to St Lucia

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Regardless of the type of pet you own, it will always be a part of your family. When relocating to St Lucia, you will no doubt want your household companion with you –the idea of leaving it behind is not worth thinking about! Moving a pet to the island is possible, but it can be a stressful process for both you and your furry friend. This is what you need to do to minimise stress and get the ball rolling.Call AheadBefore doing anything else, I recommend contacting the consulate. They will be able to tell you whether or not the species is allowed on the island (some will not be), as well as what the exact process involves. Listen carefully and take notes as any issue could cause costly delays.ResearchIt is important to research what life will be like having a pet on the island. For both your sake and the sake of your pet, you want to find out what the local attitude towards the species is, whether there are any health risks that they may face, and the standard and cost of veterinary care. You will also need to ensure that your property allows you to keep pets. To learn this information, the internet should be your first port of call. In particular, expat forums are fantastic places to find out handy information and even ask questions to those that are currently living in the Caribbean. Through this avenue, you could even make new animal-loving friends before relocating to St Lucia.Meet with a VeterinarianIt is vital that you meet with a vet before starting the process. Whether it is your own veterinarian or one that is highly experienced in preparing animals for relocation, they will be able to discuss the move and, crucially, give your pet a health check. Shipping an animal overseas and introducing it to a new country will be stressful and difficult for the creature. The vet can give their professional opinion on whether or not it is a good idea. For elderly pets or those with poor health, the sad fact is that the upheaval process may be too stressful and not fair to put them through.Once given the thumbs up, you should then begin booking in appointments to get the animal prepared. Vaccinations, implanting a microchip and blood tests are a few procedures that will be required, all with strict timelines. Create a schedule with everything that needs to be completed, as otherwise you could face delays and penalties.Book a CarrierYou ought to book a spot for your pet with an airline or animal carrier well in advance. To reduce the stress for you and your furry companion, I strongly recommend thoroughly researching each carrier and opting for a reputable company. I would contact each carrier to learn more about exactly what happens, as well as look for customer reviews which are a fantastic way of gauging the quality of the service. Remember, it is better to use a carrier with an excellent reputation over one with cheaper rates.If you are relocating to St Lucia and have concerns about bringing your pet to the island, give me a call and we can discuss your situation.

Preparing Your Pet for Relocating to St Lucia

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