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China Business Events in London – The Challenges and Prospect of Chinese Digital Market

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The fast-changing market demographics, booming economy, rising income in the middle class, preferences for foreign brands, and increased spending ability among consumers are the key factors - tempting the foreign brands to enter the colossal digital market in China. Acknowledged as the internationally largest e-commerce marketplace, the nation solely has accounted for 46% of global digital transactions in 2020. With a huge 930 million internet users out of which Generation Z - representing 42% who love embracing the digital age in their lifestyle, China is anticipated to go beyond 60% of the global retail e-commerce sales by 2021. Nevertheless, the limited understanding of the Chinese digital market in many foreign enterprises including small and medium businesses turns to be a challenging factor for them to get started in China. The good news is –China business events in London international seminar is coming up shortly. So, this is the right time for you to avail this opportunity. In this article, let’s explore the most vital trends, challenges, and prospects of mainland China. A Divergent Digital LandscapeAlthough enriched with so many driving ingredients, the absolutely different e-commerce landscape of China appears to be the toughest for international brands to prevail over them to initiate, sustain, and prosper in the Chinese digital marketplace. With the censorship by the Chinese Government –The Great Firewall of China, none of Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram has allowed access in the country while its digital arena is empowered by the nation’s largest Baidu search engine and advertising platform, the social pillars – WeChat and Weibo, Alibaba among others. It’s worth noting for foreign brands that while having a presence in Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc takes merely a few seconds, registering in Baidu, WeChat or Weibo is a complex process and needs you to meet many formalities. That is why, before commencing your business voyage in China, make sure to attend the forthcoming China Business Events in London – to know everything that you need to do to make your digital marketing endeavor easy-going.   Social Shopping is Its FutureChina boasts of having the world’s most dynamic social media setting with a staggering market potential expected to go above $170 billion by 2021. Its social shopping is found to be the future of the nation given that; the Chinese consumers are avid to online shopping that helps them maintain the right pace with their fast-paced life. Rather than merely ‘readers’ like consumers in the West, the community enjoy sharing their experiences about products and service they use and also value the recommendations of their friends, relations and like-minded while buying their necessities. The behavior of the community inspires them to involve actively in online social forums, study social media videos on product reviews and interviews with users, etc, and implement that information in their buying decisions. Thereby, for knowing the most suitable social sites for your digital market promotion in China and having an insight into the Chinese consumer behavior, why not consider attending the upcoming China business events in London? The discussion session will surely help you to have a better pitch to gain a large footprint in SMM in China.  Shopping Has Gone MobileBy the year ending 2017, China had a stunning 751 million mobile internet users, while another market research shows that with an increased number of mobile users the community has spent more than $1.5 trillion on digital shopping in 2019. More alluring news for foreign businesses is with the fast reducing rate of mobile devices in China; its number of smartphone users is growing like anything. Unsurprisingly, mobile commerce is changing its digital marketing landscape dramatically making it highly prospective for foreign brands. Its e-commerce market has further been fueled with the appearance of WeChat e-commerce (WeChat mini-program) and Tmall online B2C retail shop ( A Alibaba project) while its mobile payment friendly ecosystem embracing WeChat pay and Alipay – making e-commerce commercialization easiest than ever. In addition, being a foreign business if you are interested to sell your products through cross-border e-commerce retail shop in China without having an official Chinese license, - Tmall Global (a subsidiary of Tmall) is the best choice for you. To know more to navigate the digital landscape of China, get your seat reserved in China business events in London right away.

China Business Events in London – The Challenges and Prospect of Chinese Digital Market

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