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The Best Courses for a Beginner's Golf Holiday In Bermuda

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Bermuda has long been renowned as a golfer's paradise, and I have to admit the lure of its courses holds great appeal for me personally. That the island is such a popular destination for a golf holiday is perhaps not surprising, considering its British colonial links and the fact that, for its size, it has the highest concentration of courses in the world.What I love is that with so many courses to choose from, Bermuda is the perfect place for a golf holiday no matter what your handicap. So, even if you're an absolute novice, you won’t feel out of your depth on these excellent courses that allow you to play to the strength of your own game.Ocean View, DevonshireDating back to 1929, this lovely course has an interesting history, having been built by World War 1 veterans. Designed by pro Johnny Kelly, it's changed a lot since then and has evolved into a really diverse course with plenty of opportunities to get out there and develop your game without feeling the pressure to out-perform other players. After a multi-million dollar revamp in 2000, today the par-35, 18-hole course (although you've got the choice of playing just 9 holes) has a nice mix of undulating fairways, with a number of dog-legs and gentle, open greens, all set against a lovely backdrop of oak trees.Very handy if you're basing your golf holiday in Hamilton City.Riddells's Bay, WarwickDesigned back in 1922 by the renowned Devereaux Emmet, the unique setting of this course – on a narrow peninsula, just 600m at its widest – gives it an absolutely charming landscape, so even if your game isn't quite there yet, at least you can enjoy the views! Encompassing a length of 5,854 yards, par 70, it's a relaxed course that allows you to go at your own pace. It's no walk in the park, though (the first hole is the toughest), with enough challenges to keep you improving. It's well worth pushing through, as the holes that take you around the turn lay the coastal vista out before you in a delightful distraction.Old time sophistication and a great ambience in the clubhouse.Tucker's Point, Harrington SoundHaving undergone an extensive revamp in 2002, this Charles Banks designed course has, in my opinion, the best views of any on the island. There's a lot of diversity, and Tucker's Point could actually go on a list of both the easiest and the most challenging courses – depending on the hole. There are lots of elevated tees along the undulating fairways and plenty of opportunities to improve your putting prowess on the Bermuda grass-hybrid surfaces (although it can get quite windy in places). The opening and closing shots of this par-70 course are probably my favourites, with the stunning views enough to put anyone off their game – well, that's my excuse…Close to the airport, great views of planes, palatial homes and the ocean.These three are just a taste of the nine courses on offer if you're planning a Bermuda golf holiday. If you've got the time and the desire to improve your game, I highly recommend mixing it up and trying as many as you can, to get the feel of playing on different terrain. Everyone's got to start somewhere and, in my opinion, this is the best place in the world to do it.

The Best Courses for a Beginner's Golf Holiday In Bermuda

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