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Out and About on Lake Geneva

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Lake Geneva is the striking centrepiece to this Swiss city. While it’s enough for you and your partner to simply take a stroll around the lake, snap a few selfies and grab something to eat – there are many more things to discover here underneath the surface. Whether you fancy a relaxing cruise, paddling your own boat or submerging fully in the bright blue water, you can do it at Lake Geneva.BoatingThere are boats for the elegant and boats for the adventurous - and, there are boats for those of us who are somewhere in between. For over a century, pleasure cruises have been gliding across Lake Geneva. Take a step back in time and enjoy a luxurious cruise with an incredible backdrop of the Alps and vineyards.If you want some time for just the two of you, then why not consider hiring a boat and exploring the lake at your own pace? Canoes, kayaks and paddle boards are available from different vendors around the lake.BeachesYou’ll be spoiled for choice when choosing a beach on Lake Geneva, as there are 116 of them. While these clean and sandy beaches are mostly free, the ones that charge offer chlorine swimming pools or even waterparks! Popular beaches include Geneva Plage (which has an Olympic-sized swimming pool) or Baby Plage.I recommend Bains Des Paquis, on the west side of the water. You’ll be greeted by many swans (be careful, they will want to share your lunch!) and sleek stones perfect for skipping across the water. Located in the city centre, there are plenty of places to eat and accommodate near the beach.If you want to experience a few beaches in one day, you can cross the water to any other beach by hopping on to one of the Mouette Waterbuses - an integral part of Genevan public transport.CyclingOnce you’ve visited the beaches, escape the busy city together and spend a day cycling the perimeter of the lake. The organised cycling routes wind through cities, towns and countryside. The easy cycle will introduce you to remarkable scenery that you wouldn’t otherwise see. With train stations every 15 kilometres, you can cut your trip short and return to the city centre at any time.How to Get to GenevaFlying from London to Geneva is quick and cheap. You can fly with British Airways, Swiss or Ryanair for only around £73 pounds. Total flight time is 1 hour and 35 minutes. If you have extra time, a return train from London to Geneva is £109 and offers seven hours of fantastic scenery.About Shuttle DirectFrom Geneva airport, transfers can take you directly to the city centre in fifteen minutes. Shuttle Direct are the leading transfer provider in Europe and North Africa and can ensure safe, efficient and low cost travelling. You can make all travel preparations online so everything is in place when you step off the plane!

Out and About on Lake Geneva

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