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The Best PRO-SERIES Critical Cleaning Wipers for 2021

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Surface wiping is an integral part of daily taskwork and wipers engineered with specific performance features are essential to protect people, work processes and product integrity. PRO-SERIES wipers come in a complete range of grades, sizes and packaging to help users complete their work effectively and efficiently with confidence. New for 2021, PRO-SERIES has added wet wipes to round out its line of critical cleaning wipes and surface wiping systems. PRO-SERIES DRY WIPES The PRO-SERIES premium product line of PRISTINE wipes features cloth-like, virtually lint-free material in multiple grades—from heavy duty rag replacement to universal grade wipes intended for limited reuse. When it comes to critical environments such as labs and cleanrooms where contamination control is paramount, the best solution is PRISTINE Critical Environment wipes that are ISO Class rated and hermetically sealed.  For precision wiping tasks required by clean manufacturing facilities such as aerospace and electronics, PRISTINE Precision Cleaning wipes are the best option. They are virtually lint-free, solvent resistant, binder-free and engineered strong to hold up under extreme use scenarios.  The best wiper grade for a task is determined by how rugged or delicate the surface is, and by the demands or limits of wiper reuse. Some work processes require that PRISTINE wipes be used once and then disposed of, while others allow for reusability even to the point of laundering. On the other hand, there are times when precision cleaning is not a priority, and the performance features of a lower cost all-purpose wipe are the best solution. This is true for general cleanup tasks such as absorbing liquid spills and wiping grease from surfaces, tools and even hands and face. Designed specifically for this purpose, the number one PRO-SERIES choice for general cleaning is CHAMPION wipes made from ultra-absorbent materials that wipe a surface completely dry with just one wipe. The best PRO-SERIES wipers packaging option for a work environment is one that keeps the product clean and conveniently ready to use. For large volume usage, a jumbo roll is the perfect solution because of its high capacity. Alternately, to manage usage and reduce waste, the best choice is a dispenser box or poly-pack that dispenses one wiper at a time while keeping unused wipers clean and protected from environmental contamination. Another way to reduce waste, and ultimately control costs, is by selecting the best wiper size – small sheets for delicate tasks and large towels for the biggest jobs. Wiper size, packaging and grade are all factors to consider to reach the lowest cost, most effective and productive solution with PRO-SERIES dry wipes. NEW PRO-SERIES WET WIPES The COVID-19 pandemic affected the flow of many imported goods and raw materials that in turn blocked the availability of popular disinfecting products. At the same time, demand for these products skyrocketed to an all-time high. Canister wipes completely disappeared from warehouses. Workplace facilities drastically increased surface cleaning frequency. To answer the new demand, PRO-SERIES added refillable surface wiping systems that quickly became a popular first line of defense by pairing dry wipes with industrial grade dispensing buckets. Users simply add their own liquid cleaner, sanitizer or disinfectant to create custom saturated cleaning wipes. These dry wipe bucket systems continue to be the best solution for workplaces that use bulk disinfectant with controlled dispensing systems. PRO-SERIES high volume rolls and refillable buckets are an ideal substitute for canister wipes to increase productivity and reduce plastic packaging waste. As mentioned earlier, the right wipe for the task is one that has design and performance features best suited for the specific work process. In many cases pre-saturated wipes are the best solution for a facility, and new PRO-SERIES EPA-registered disinfectant wipes were developed to fulfill this need. While the CDC website recently reported that surface transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is not the main route of infection, it states that the virus can remain viable on surfaces for up to three days.1 New PRO-SERIES disinfectant wipes kill SARS-CoV-2 on hard non-porous surfaces in just 30 seconds.  This is a remarkably short dwell time (meaning the surface must remain wet) that can truly be a benefit through productivity and cost savings. Some List N disinfectants require a dwell time that is several minutes long. Several passes with more than one wipe may be necessary in order to maintain a wet surface for this time period. The best solution for surface disinfecting will use the least the number of wipes and the shortest amount of time. PRO-SERIES disinfectant wipes can meet this need, reducing material costs and increasing productivity with just 30 seconds needed to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 on hard non-porous surfaces. THE BEST WIPES FOR 2021 PRO-SERIES dry wipes, wet wipes and refillable wiping systems make up a critical cleaning line that can help any workplace or facility achieve their best, highly productive, cost effective and comprehensive surface care solution for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. References: 1 CDC, “Science Brief: SARS-CoV-2 and Surface (Fomite) Transmission for Indoor Community Environments.”, 5 Apr. 2021,

The Best PRO-SERIES Critical Cleaning Wipers for 2021

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