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Choose From Different Types Of Ladies Underwear

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Nowadays women are paying great attention on their underwear. They not only want them to comfortable, but stylish as well. To meet this requirement of women, various types of ladies underwear are available at brick and mortar and online stores. If you are not aware about the common type of ladies underwear available then don't worry. We have listed down some common types of ladies underwear along with their brief descriptions. 1.G string: They are open style of panties in which the back part and sides are simply a string. In this type of panty the front is covered up while the buttocks remains uncovered. This type of sexy lingerie is a perfect choice to spice up your sex life. This panty is a perfect choice for wearing under clothing at work or at clubs because they produce no panty line and are ultra comfortable to wear. 2.Thong panties: This type of ladies underwear is very common nowadays, They are available in wide range of colors, designs and fabrics to meet the distinct requirements of women. This sexy lingerie is not only stylish, but comfortable as well. Thong panties are perfect option to wear under tight fitting clothes because they don't produce panty line. 3.Boy shorts: They are extremely comfortable, stylish and nowadays they come in various styles to please woman's taste. They have low back end and high waist that provide a slimming affect to the front and back of the body. 4.Brazilian bikini: This type of sexy lingerie is not as revealing as g string panty and does provide required coverage. The main advantage of this ladies underwear is that they look sexy and provide maximum comfort to the wearer. The shape of this lingerie make the butt look more lifted and provide them a better shape. Nowadays, Brazilian bikini panties are available in range of designs, sizes and colors. You can lay hands on all these styles of ladies underwear at Majorbrands. It is a well stocked online shopping store that carries huge collection of sexy lingerie from the highly reputed brand called La Senza. Here you will get the chance to lay hands on various types of ladies underwear such as thong, G string, Brazilian bikini, hip huggers, panty pop, boy shorts and much more. These all styles of underwear are available here in range of designs, colors and sizes to match different requirements of women.  

Choose From Different Types Of Ladies Underwear

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